Why are Recruiters not Engaging With You on LinkedIn
Why are Recruiters not Engaging With You on LinkedIn
Cutting to the chase, Lets face it, if you’re looking to socialize – You’re on Facebook, & if you want to excel at your career, you’re engaging with recruiters on Linkedin.
[Webster definition of ENGAGING: To get and keep (someone’s attention, interest, etc.)Tending to draw favorable attention or interest]
In my personal opinion, & mine alone, I’ve always found job sites cumbersome. Job posts have always led to way too many irrelevant cvs coming in by the hundreds, time, energy & money spent on a resource where just about anyone will send you their cv whether or not they fit the job profile. More than half the people who are any good, aren’t on job sites! Most employers ban their employees from keeping their cvs on job portals (company policy & all that..jeez.) & most people think they will sign up on a job site ONLY & ONLY when they start actively looking out for a job..& come on, who knows when one is ready, right? The right opportunities may just pass you by.

Now comes the game changer. LinkedIn. A networking website, made so well, an almost flawless creation, that not only lets you have your resume up & online for potential recruiters to see & engage with, but you also get to have your Boss or Supervising Manager RECOMMEND you for the world to see!!! Kudos Reid Hoffman!

So, HAVE you really taken advantage of this amazing site yet? 

LinkedIn. A networking website, made so well, an almost flawless creation, that not only lets you have your resume up & online for potential recruiters to see & engage with, ...

The Plus Points:

– 225 Million Members Globally in 200 countries
– 20 Million Members in India [As of September 2013]
– Globally, almost 77% of all jobs are posted on Linkedin
– 48% of Recruiters post jobs only on Linkedin & nowhere else on the web
The Deal Breakers:

– Only 50% of LinkedIn users have complete, legit profiles
– Time spent per week is a measly 1-2 hours on Linkedin as compared to a 4-5 hours a day for sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


SO. Why are you not engaging as well as you can with RECRUITERS on LinkedIn?
Food for thought.
Incomplete profiles 
Not mentioning basic details like the years of completion of your education, dates for joining & leaving employers, current location, current complete in depth job profile [As what you do, becomes key words for search for recruiters. So don’t shy away from mentioning everything you do, software you use, your KRA’s, etc)
Lack of RELEVANT recommendations (written ones, not the new click to endorse buttons, also ONLY from people you have actually worked with, the recommendations, when verified show whether or not they come from people who do or don’t belong to any of the companies you have worked with before, & if not, you lose your own credibility) 
Smaller local networks (If you have less than 500 people locally, hopefully a mix of people from your own industry from HR, IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales, etc..(I feel an eclectic mix of contacts is better to connect with GOOD recruiters, who may be the 2nd degree connections of these contacts)…you are losing out on connecting with some of the best recruiters, Which cut short your chances to connect with local recruiters)
Grammatical errors on your profile (Recruiters stay away from profiles with incorrect usage of the language as most employers today insist on applicants who have perfect written & spoken communication skills.) 
Unflattering profile picture or one that’s not yours (A picture speaks a thousand words, remember? Human interactions are smoother when a visual of the person you’re engaging with is present, also lending to visual cues which enable a recruiter to judge you on culture fitment, personal grooming, professionalism & other factors)
Not checking your Linkedin Mail enough As I mentioned earlier, most people spend not more than 1-2 hours a week on Linkedin, which is not nearly enough, if a recruiter contacts you, & you reply after a week, the position is mostly closed. I advise checking linkedin on a daily basis, which now most of my contacts do.